The Aubergistes

Because we are passionate about our profession. Because we cultivate the art of entertaining, hosting, indulging and sharing.
Because we will do everything to delight you, touch you, satisfy you and enchant you. Because each of our establishments must be unique, original and exemplary. Because a stay with us should only be considered as a break in the frenzy of the city and of life. Because for us, nothing is more important than making you enjoy the present moment.
Because we believe more than anything else in beautiful encounters, in the relationships that are forged, in the bonds that are formed and in the stories that are written. Because each of our facilities is a place full of local life, necessary to the inhabitants, useful to its neighborhood and anchored in its environment.
Because we are imperfect and we even claim this imperfection in favor of sensitivity, charm, originality, authenticity, personality and sincerity.
Because we are not a hotel group, a series of stars, a quality label or a chain of establishments.
Because we create places as a collection of precious moments, of love affairs and dreams that come true.

Because we are Aubergistes, Lyonnais... and we would be delighted to welcome you to our home.

We are

Isabelle, Mathilde, Samantha, Adeline, Manon, Fatou, Téo, Orane, Morgane, Rosie, Camille, Sophie, Timothé, Bakar, Paula, Micheline, Saïda, Sébastien, Chawki, Sadina, Camélia, Céline, Marine, Sophie, Clémence, Abdel, Abdillahi, Saïda, Silvia, Mohamed, Sophie, Zoé, Nathalie, Léa, Margaux, Clément, Lulu,Faria, Modou, Victor,Loïc, Louis, Margaux, Véronique….

We are all Aubergistes Lyonnais

OUR ADDRESSES Genuine local settings full of life

Each of the establishments in our collection is atypical, original and unique: local places full of life with an asserted and assumed identity. Today, we favor places with a strong and assertive personality and whose assets are authenticity, charm and hospitality.
Staying with us means above all choosing a dream location in the heart of Lyon’s liveliest neighborhoods, rich in heritage and history. But it also means knowing how to appreciate meeting others, a human and warm welcome…
We manage and animate places full of life, in order to embody the experience of sharing. An experience that creates a link between people but also between a place and its environment. An experience with a strong symbolic identity, unique and high quality.


OUR COMMITMENTSCitizen innkeepers

Because being a local participant means above all paying attention to people and what surrounds us, the Aubergistes Lyonnais are committed on their scale. And as it is the small gestures that make the big changes, our commitment is reflected in daily life in our establishments, in the heart of the city and the lives of each of our guests. For example, by choosing energy-efficient lighting, using only recycled paper, choosing ecolabeled cleaning products or deciding to eliminate plastic bottles, we are acting simply and unpretentiously… for the planet, as close as possible to the reality of our business.

As a Lyon-based company, we prioritize local sourcing. Short circuit, fresh and seasonal products… We take care to use good products… but also to surround ourselves with talented people in order to ethically associate economic, social and environmental principles.